35 pound Anvil

This 35 pound anvil is designed along similar lines as our ever popular 70 pound Horseshoers Anvil. It is used by ranches, hobbyists, and homeowners alike. For those needing a quality bench-top anvil which can be easily moved around-the ranch, shop or the garage this 35 pound anvil fills the bill.

70 pound Horseshoer's Anvil - Regular Face

Our most popular anvils (the regular face and the wide face) are designed to make horseshoeing faster and easier for the professional or the novice. Turning in heels or making square toes can be simple and amazingly precise using the side turning cams of these specially designed anvils. The anvil heel is tapered for shaping up those small size 00 to 000 shoes. To avoid chewing up the edges of shoes while shaping, we have rounded the anvil edges at the heel.

In these anvils we have incorporated the extra cost modifications found in the best customized anvils we know of. For shoeing from draft shoes to pony shoes, these 70 pound anvils handle it all.

70 pound Horseshoer's Anvil - Wide Face

The 70 pound Wide Face Anvil features an extra wide 4 inch flat work surface that many farriers prefer, as well as all the features detailed in the Regular Face anvil, above.

125 pound Anvil

This anvil is designed & built for heavier work such as draft horses, warmbloods, and more blacksmith work. The extra wide 4 3/4" x 14" flat work face also has a tapered heel with rounded edges. Turning cams on the side of the anvil are another innovation designed to make your job easier.