Well-Shod Cliff Carroll

In 20+ years of making our tools, particular attention is paid to small details which help farriers through daily routines. Whether it be a rounded edge on the heel of the anvil, or square edge on the face of the anvil, or a particular hardness on the striking part of a clinch cutter to protect expensive driving hammers faces, we focus on details to produce the highest quality products. The majority of the work done on our line of tools is by hand and not by automated machinery. Attention to detail and the needs of farriers results in superior tools and tool performance.

We are pleased to offer you these superior tools at very affordable prices. If our tools are conveniently available to you through your local farrier supplier, we urge you to purchase them there. If it's more convenient for you to purchase them on-line, directly from us, we offer that option as well. We want you to be able to acquire our tools in the manner easiest for you.